4:20 PM

why not have an impromptu photo shoot on mom and dad's bed after i decided to projectile spit up all over :)

Valentine's Weekend

12:29 PM

Wearing his cute outfit from Nana Dianne :)

Nana and Bapa visited!  They celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary with a couple of their sick grandkids :)  Poor Finn had croup, and Olivia was the sickest I had ever seen her, with a double ear infection.  Praise the Lord for medicine! :)

Rocking the mustache suckie from Nana Judy :)

Love this sweet boy!

practicing sitting up!

Such a cutie! :)

this and that

11:30 AM

who says only mommy can baby wear?  Avery tried her hand at wearing Finn, and he seemed to enjoy it!

Olivia came home from school SO excited about this chapter book she started!  So fun to see her reading more than just picture books!

Avery made State Honor Choir again, and they performed yesterday!  She had a great time, and the kids did such a great job!

We're dealing with sickness here....Finn has croup and Olivia has a nasty double ear infection....sigh

Our Week

7:43 PM

Our Avery....11 has been a very interesting age...I will leave it at that :)

such a happy little guy!

Poor Winnie has only the stuffed animals to cuddle with these days...

Liv likes to soothe Finn by bouncing him on her knee :)

He sat in the bumbo chair for the first time!  He seems to like it!

Aunt Becky sent Finn this crib soother!  He loves it, which means so do we! :)

Our friend Seth was in town playing bass for Easton Corbin, and opening for The Band Perry.  It was fun to get to take him out for supper and catch up!

He took us back and showed us where his home on the road is...

such a fun night!

Superbowl Sunday :)

10:26 PM

We cheered for the Seahawks! :)

Such an adorable football!  Can you believe the outfit is a 6-9 month, and my little man isn't even 3 months yet? :(  It's going WAY too fast....

new skills

3:36 PM

sweet little guy got tired during a tummy time session :)

Olivia, as crazy as ever!

Today, Finn sat in the exersaucer for the first time.  He LOVES it!  So sad that he is growing up and also that we now have another large play-thing in our living room :)


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