100, Nutella & Earings

10:40 PM

For the 100th day of school, Olivia's class used an app to make themselves age 100 years.  This is one of the most disturbing pictures I have ever seen.... ;)

I MUCH prefer her this way!

Finn is a big fan of Nutella! 

Winnie has been banished behind the gate during most of Finn's mealtimes, and she is not happy about that....at all..

Olivia put her fake earrings on Finn, and I had to snap a pic.  Daddy really doesn't like when the girls do this to him, but c'mon....the kid has 2 sisters :)

Grandparents and Broadway Star

10:36 PM

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig recently came out for a visit!


Daddy and Avery got to go see Audra McDonald in concert!  She was doing a midwest tour, and we were close enough for them to go!  This was one of Avery's Christmas gifts, and she loved it!

Olivia - Star of the Week

12:27 PM

Olivia has been the star student all week at school!  Each day she got to bring a show and tell, and todays show and tell was Finn :)  She requested for him to get all dressed up in her favorite outfit!

He enjoyed seeing all of the kiddos, and he brought smarties for all of her classmates!

I love this idea!  The teacher goes around the room and asks the kiddos to say things about the star that week!  Love it!

Finn asked Liv to go out for lunch to Culvers, and she said yes!  Daddy and Avery also joined us!

Valentine's & Star of the Week

3:56 PM

We did this super fun hairstyle on Olivia for her Valentine's Day party! :)

This is what Finn would do all day long if I let him....talk on the phone to Nana, and swiffer.  He is beyond a handful.....

silly valentines!  Avery looks so very excited to take a picture :)  

Olivia is Star of the Week at school this week!  She had a lot of fun putting together her board!


2:42 PM

The girls are officially hooked on Full House!  We borrowed seasons 1-3 from a friend, and then found someone selling the whole season for cheap, so we jumped on it!  They are loving it!!!

Speaking of loving, Olivia has been saving her money for a bit, and found something that she just HAD to have at Walmart....her name is Chloe :)

Finn is sick.  I took him in last night, and found out that he has a double ear infection, strept throat, and also croup.  Antibiotics and nebulizer treatments for him!  Still as cute as ever, though!

He's also getting in his top 2 teeth, so add that to the sickness, and you can imagine how crabby he has been!

Avery doesn't get in on too many pics these days, but don't let that fool you.  She takes many many selfies on my phone, and I am finally posting some of them!  She's a crazy one :)

5:00 PM

hanging out in the car waiting for sisters to get done with school :)

Yup, i like to climb now...on everything!

Finn wore his Vikings jersey to church yesterday in honor of Super bowl Sunday :)


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