2:42 PM

The girls are officially hooked on Full House!  We borrowed seasons 1-3 from a friend, and then found someone selling the whole season for cheap, so we jumped on it!  They are loving it!!!

Speaking of loving, Olivia has been saving her money for a bit, and found something that she just HAD to have at Walmart....her name is Chloe :)

Finn is sick.  I took him in last night, and found out that he has a double ear infection, strept throat, and also croup.  Antibiotics and nebulizer treatments for him!  Still as cute as ever, though!

He's also getting in his top 2 teeth, so add that to the sickness, and you can imagine how crabby he has been!

Avery doesn't get in on too many pics these days, but don't let that fool you.  She takes many many selfies on my phone, and I am finally posting some of them!  She's a crazy one :)

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