10:09 PM

Just practicing siting up !

Big Sister Olivia is teaching me how to use my hands! 

I love this new ball of mine!

We also went to my first playdate with the neighborhood friends!

Hanging out!

9:37 PM

Finn helped Avery make her bed this weekend!  He fits right in with her stuffed animals!

THIS is the Avery that I live with :)  She's a bit wacky, folks!

Winnie likes to be near Finn, but usually not this close....she's not sure she likes him laying on her....after all, her momma days are long gone...

Nana Judy and Bapa Ron came through for a quick visit!  Had to get their hands on our little man!  He's kind of hard to resist! :)

capturing today :)

2:19 PM

fat rolls :)

so much of his hair is gone....

old man forehead :)

trying out the whole tummy time thing ;)

captured him rolling over from his tummy to his back :)

2 months old

8:51 PM

it was only a matter of time before he "met" the American Girl dolls!


2:47 PM

sweet Finn,

momma woke up exhausted today.

8 weeks of sleeping with a baby has caught up with me.

sleeping next to you all night, awaking to your grunts and sounds...

you are the one who dictates when and how long I sleep....

you were so kind to take a long-er nap this morning for momma...

just what i needed....thank you, my sweet boy!

now, you rest in my arms, again...

i am taking the time to just stare at you, and watch you sleep.

how your nostrils flare...

how your whole body breathes...

how you smile...your little lips are so cute

how your eyelashes are growing....

how much just being held by me, makes you feel safe and secure...

so, while today i began the day being so exhausted, i now am rested,

and thankful,

for this little man of mine....

who i have had the joy of watching sleep for the last 8 weeks...

love him...

2:38 PM

sweet boy got a new bouncy seat!  he seems to really like it!

just some fun pics of my chubby little love!

and, this shows how bad his baby acne got last week!  my kiddos seem to always go through it!

on a mission to find glasses

8:38 PM

yes, it really was this cold here!

we love us some frosty's!

after some tears, and 5 stores.....

wish i could gave slept all the way home, too!


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