10:19 PM

I had my dr. appointment today, and we heard the heartbeat! It was in the 150's. It's always such a beautiful sound! We will go back in 4 weeks for another appointment, and then at 20 weeks, the ultrasound! My doctor is having me meet with a perinatologist for the ultrasound because of the issues we had with Avery. This will be really neat, as he said the pictures will be very detailed. Needless to say, we are very excited to see if this is a boy or a girl!

10:18 PM

12 WEEKS! YIPPIE! Finally, a load of worrying has been taken off our minds. Yes, something could still go wrong with the pregnancy, but what a relief being past the crucial time period! The "bump" is growing, and I am in total maternity gear. It's kind of that "I wonder if she's gaining weight" period of time where the bump is big enough to have to wear big ol' jeans, but the shirts still make me look like I'm fat...

10:18 PM

Finally 11 weeks, one more to go till we're done with the 1st trimester, and the icky tummy too...I hope! We are very excited for this weekend to be here! PG, Avery and I are going up to A-TOWN to visit with PG's family! We haven't been there since December, and with them only being 2 hours away, lets just say its been too long! Then, on Saturday, my family is coming up here for Easter! We are going to have an action packed weekend, but are very excited for a little vacation from normal daily activities!

10:18 PM

Well, I spoke too soon on the queasy tummy going away, because it has made itself obvious that it's not gone yet! A couple of days this last week, and tonight...man...it just keeps coming back! Can't wait till it goes away...for good!

10:17 PM

Little by little the queazy tummy is going away, and I couldn't be happier! I am still very tired, and enjoy taking my afternoon naps with Avery! We'll be 10 weeks tomorrow, so only 10 more weeks till we know if baby is a boy or a girl!


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