January 2019

1:25 PM

Gutted out all our clutter, and boxed it all up for a sale!

Made a new dish in my new instant pot!  Super yummy!!!

Bluebell and I went on one last trip out to the dumb, followed by a nice vacuum and car wash!  She also went to a new home this month!

Avery had a traveling vocal jazz event, so we sent her this picture while she was gone so she didn't miss us too much!

It has been snowing a lot!  We made snowmen of our family!  Even Winnie!

While I was getting ready for work one day, Finn was interested in make up.  So, we made him in to Finnisa, and he was cute!

He also got to start riding the bus to school this month!  He LOVES it!

And, our new van....which is why Bluebell went to a new home! :)  We are enjoying it so far!

bye bye Bluebell!

Vikings Training Camp

12:42 PM

We left Wisconsin, and on our way back home, we stopped at the new Vikings Training Camp!  It was really neat, and we will for sure be back!

More Wisconsin Fun

1:18 PM

While we were in the cities, Nana and Bapa got to take care of the kiddos!  They had lots of fun!

We arrived back, and spent a few extra days!  Lots of playing, resting, and eating!

Mpls weekend

1:17 PM

Daddy and I snuck away to Mpls for a a night for a wedding!  The venue was a super cute cafe, and it had so much character!

We stayed at the Embassy Suites hotel in Downtown Mpls, and once we got there, parked the car 2 blocks away, checked in, and up 10 floors, we were NOT going to go back out!  We went a couple blocks down to this great yummy bar!!! We also went to the downtown Target, which was also very fun!

Wedding day was very cold and snowy, and it was quaint and beautiful!

We were supposed to stay another night, but we were anxious to get back to our kiddos, so off we went, back to Nana and Bapa's house!


1:12 PM

Finn made a fun gingerbread house at school! :)
Christmas Eve night, we had a big sleepover, and watched "Singing in the Rain"!
We went to Wisconsin/Minneapolis for Christmas this year, as Daddy had to do a wedding out that way!  Our van was out of order, so we were fortunate to borrow a friend's car!  These were the gifts we had to bring out there!  Yikes!

The trip was long, with a little throw up.  Winnie was the best one in the car! ;)

Always fun to go out to our favorite Mexican place!  Josh and Ellie have a foster daughter right now, and we had such a fun time getting to know her!!!

Nana and Bapa live out on a lake, so ice fishing was something Finn wanted to try!  Nothing was biting, but fun was had by all!

Getting ready for the Christmas fun which was about to happen! Nana and Bapa got a new puppy, Sully, so he was a big part of Christmas this year!

Let the crazy gift opening begin.....

Annual matching jammies and Grandkids picture! ;)

The kids had a lot of fun playing together, and especially in Sully's large kennel!


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