9:19 PM

 Apparently it's been a busy month!  Getting into our new "normal" has taken some time, but I think we're doing good!

I haven't taken many pictures, but we have been busy!  Our weeks seem to consist of early mornings, and Dad being the chauffeur and mommy being the taxi.

Liv has been enjoying her 5th grade year so far!  Making new friends, and she is even going to give the trumpet a try, too!  She currently is doing volleyball 2 times a week for fun.  You can usually find Liv outside after school with the neighborhood kiddos.

 Finn is in his second year of Early Childhood/Speech.  He goes 3 times a week for 1.5 hours.  Little man has been loving to play Infinity on the playstation.  

He also has transitioned in the last month from sleeping with mommy every-night, to his bed.  Yes, Mr Man has been sleeping with mommy since he was in utero. :)  I knew it was going to be a hard transition, so I tried to prepare myself for it :)  We first moved Liv's bed in his room for night 1.  That didn't go well, so the next night we moved in a twin bed from downstairs....for mommy.  Yup, for almost 2 weeks, I slept in his room, across from him.  I wanted it to be a gradual process for him (and for me).  

After a couple weeks, then I switched with Daddy..and Daddy was his room-mate for about a week.  Then, to make it REALLY FUN, we let him choose if he wanted to have his toddler bed still, or if he wanted to start using the big boy bed!  Well, he chose to move up to the big bed, so bye bye went the crib :(  sniff sniff....

Daddy moved out, and he actually has been doing super super super well!  The last week, Avery puts him in there and will lay with him for a bit and tell him a story.  He has been loving this (and she has been, too) :)

Avery has had a busy month!  Going back to 4 classes at the high school has been a big transition!!!!    She has been doing SUPER, and getting up and going every morning!!!  

She tried out for All State Choir, which usually no Freshman get into.  Well, she actually was chosen as the alternate, so she gets to be a part of the choir!!!  Rehearsals began last week, and she had 2 early morning ones, and then one late evening one as well.  

She also tried out for the Cinderella play that the high school is doing this fall, and just found out that she made the cast!  Practices start next week.  I think there are 3 a week, so that's fun :)


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