10:28 PM

35 weeks today...the back pain is awful, and I'm having a hard time standing, sitting, walking, sleeping, etc... We have almost everything ready for Olivia, and we are really excited! Only 3 1/2 weeks to go!!!! YIPPIE! I hope my back survives....

10:27 PM

We met with Dr. Weirda, my OB surgeon today, and she set the c-section for October 24th at 7 am! VERY EARLY in the morning, but we're excited to have a date and time to look forward to! We can't wait to see this little girl!

10:27 PM

Well, we are at 33 weeks now...I don't think I have much room left in this tummy of mine. I remember feeling that way with Avery too! The backaches have begun, and I don't even look forward to going to bed at night because there is no position that doesn't hurt. AND, Olivia's bottom and her legs are right under my ribs...there are times I feel like she's going to burst through my skin because she's pushing so hard! I am just very anxious to feel her move around in my arms, and not in my tummy anymore!

10:26 PM

Today was my 32nd week appt, and we are still trucking along. I am measuring at 34 weeks, and Olivia's heartrate was right on...he said she was very "re-active" today. We have our OB appt. in 2 weeks to decide when C-Section date will be, so very excited to finally have a day to count down to!


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