you'd think he'd notice...

8:18 PM

PG and I were having a conversation tonight, and the topic of eye color came up. Would you believe that without looking at the girls, he didn't know what their eye color was? Does that prove the point that my husband doesn't seem to be home that much? Good grief.

my sweet Grandma...

9:55 AM

I posted before how my Grandma was diagnosed about 6 years ago with Alzheimer's. Before the diagnosis, Grandma was an integral part of my growing up. Both she and my Grandpa lived the majority of my life down the block from my house, making them not only grandparents, but also my second parents. They were very influential in my life. My Grandpa passed away shortly after Grandma's diagnosis back in 2001, and some of us say that Alzheimer's was a 'blessing' for her in her dealing with his death and her new life she would have to lead. She was able to live on her own, in her house for about a year after he passed. Since then, she has been in I think 3-4 other places...I lost count. She is no longer able to care for herself at all...

Alzheimer's sucks really does. My grandma, who used to live down the street from me and saw me daily during my growing up years, doesn't know my name (I don't think). I haven't heard her say "Jennisa" for at least 4-5 years. It doesn't mean she doesn't know who I am, she just doesn't call me by my name.
I wish I could describe what it's like to visit her every 6 months or so, and see a different grandma each time. (I can only imagine what my mother goes through every day!) This last time I was surprised at how much she had changed. I hadn't seen her since last June, and it had been a very rough year for her. She had been in and out of a couple different places that ended up not working for her. Now, she is in an Alzheimer's facility with about 12 other people that suffer from the same issues she has. She's probably about 130 lbs, if that, and when I hugged her, she seemed really weak. Her hair was also not combed, so she really didn't look like Grandma...

But, the part that REALLY sucks...these other people that live there are like in their 80's! They are old and frail. But my vibrant, energetic, hyper at times Grandma got this awful disease when she was in her early 70's. And, although her Alzheimer's is one of the worst of the people that live there, she is probably the youngest and most vital. It really is heartbreaking to see this happen to her. She has SO much life left in her, but unfortunatley doesn't know how to live her life anymore.

This last time when I visited her, I walked into this building, which has a touch pad code to get in. I walked in to this living room like thing, where 6-8 OLD people were sitting watching some "old time" music, from back in the day...I think it was Lawrence Welk. They were humming these tunes like they always have for their whole lives. My grandma can actually remember some of these songs. She was singing them (sort of) when I was there. So, she can sing these old time songs, but can't say my name? Or remember what she ate 10 minutes ago? What is this disease, and why my Grandma?

(These are photos I took of the residents watching TV in the living room)

So, needless to say, I don't really know my Grandma anymore, and vice versa. When I talk to her, I have to speak to her like I do Avery. So doesn't even speak in sentences like Avery, or remember the names of objects like my 4 1/2 year old can! My parents tell me that she does "school" at her home, and she is no longer able to put similar items together as a match...ho hum...

Well, regardless of whether or not she knows my name, who I am, or what she means to me, she is my precious, sweet Grandma Vicki...

9:20 AM

This weeks theme: water

Liv enjoys her bath at 3 months old

Help me out!

12:21 PM

I am having a blog lady come in and re do my site here in the next week or two (haven't told PG about that yet...he he he...I guess you know now, don't ya!). I like it the way it is, but would really like a "custom" site, one that is more me!

(OR, Aunt Becky or Jerry...if you want to do one for me, I'd be up for that too..I'd even throw in a couple bucks :)! I have all the ideas and colors, patterns, and stuff)

So, I might also change the name of my site name too. I am looking for new ideas, so if ANYTHING pops into your head in the coming days, please comment me!

Here are some new ideas I have
The Princess and the Sweet Pea
Punkin' Patch
Cute as a Button
2 Sweet Sisters
Girlies Galore
Little Darlings
Cutie Patooties
Giggle Bugs
The Princess Diaries (My mom's idea)

Check it out!

11:44 AM

Wanna know when I add a post to my blog? I was blog surfing, and found this cool "widget" that you can subscribe to, and it will email you when I add an entry. It's on the right hand side under my photo. Just fill it out, and I'm guessing it will email you when I post a new entry!

Thursday Thirteen

8:50 AM

Thirteen Things about Jennisa

Thirteen Stores I like to shop at

1. Ebay
2. Target
3. The Children's Place
4. Old Navy
5. Kohl's
6. TJ Maxx
7. Baby Gap
8. Gymboree
9. Herberger's
10. Hobby Lobby
11. JC Penney
12. Payless Shoes
13. Pier 1 Imports
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Learning to her own little way

7:15 PM

We came home tonight with this find...
Bella dancerella Home Ballet Studio with sing along dance DVD
Avery then spent the rest of the night learning her own version of ballet with the instructional DVD... Mommy laughed a lot, and Livvie just watched her big sister

Sometimes, what I DON'T want to see, is what I LOVE to see...

4:57 PM

Typical...once I convince my 4 1/2 year old to take a nap because her sister is sleeping and mommy wants some shut eye too, and she falls asleep...her sister wakes up, so therefore, mommy gets no shut eye...

But, what I did get to beautiful big eyed girl gaze out the window into the 'outside world' she has yet to explore...

HELP! I have an obsession...

12:40 PM

I'll be the first to admit that I LOVE LOVE LOVE little girls clothes. It is a blast for me to get the cutest (cutest to me, that is) clothes for them, and dress them all up! It's one of my favorite things to do, as sad as that may sound!

I've been getting the girls' spring/summer clothes out, and just had to let you share in the obsession with me!

Avery's Closet...a few of my favorites

Livvie's closet...a few of my favorites...

I also love are Liv's...

And if that's not enough, I also have a new obsession...matching outfits!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who is OBSESSED with dressing up their little cuties!

She's an EATER!

7:16 PM

Ever since Liv has come along, we have been concerned that she would get the same allergies as Avery. It was recommended to us that we wait "as long as possible" for her to start on solids, just to help keep the allergies away. In the last couple of weeks, Liv has been very curious about everything we put into our mouth, and just has that kind of sad puppy dog look on her face when she sees us eating. So, we called the doctor today, and with her blessing, we tried Liv's first food...RICE CEREAL!

What are you lookin' at daddy? I'm eatin' here!

This cereal is kinda yummy, but I really wanna get my hands on that bowl!

Mommy said I did a pretty good job...I ate about 2/3 of my bowl!

Washin' it down! Whew...time to get cleaned up in my bath!


A few of my favorites...

3:30 PM

I just had to share the things I love to snack on that keep my figure the way it is :)

These are the BEST cookies ever...shortbread...mmmmm...

My dose of caffine...

Our favorite Sicilian's really good!

~*~ 5 months old~*~

10:26 AM

Livvie is 5 months old today! Notice the pretty in her hair (he he he)!
I think her eyes are getting to be almost as big as Avery's!
Happy Birthday my sweet baby!

Who would've thunk?

10:35 PM, as I was hopping through my daily bloggie reads, I came across a photo on the Pauly's Pics & Prose of her adorable little girl, Julia, sleeping on her tummy. This startled me, as Liv has yet to want to sleep on her tummy, or even fallen asleep that way. So, some dialog went on between us bloggie mommies, and lo and behold...tonight, look what my little Livvie decided to do...

Our little firecracker!

10:22 PM

As Daddy was putting Avery to bed tonight, I overheard her being frustrated. She wanted to take all of her My Little Ponies to sleep with her, and daddy was telling her she should just bring 2 so there would be some room in her bed. I heard her do a loud GRRRRUNT. And an UGH! She then came out to the living room and told me what was going on..."Daddy's not letting me bring all my ponies to bed with me. He's so RUDE! That makes me angry. I stomp my foot like this (stomp) when he's rude! UGH!"

Needless to say, PG and I were laughing at this cute little 'explosion'

Where's My Peeps?

5:49 PM

Here is the photo of the girls in their cute new shirts!

Cool Slideshows

AND...check out picture is my new favorite slide show site!

My Sweet Little Family's sweet little trip ~ Day 4

11:49 AM

Our last day at Nana and Bapa's house was Sunday. Aunt Becky, Cousin Lilly, and Great Grandpa Myron came over for a visit! It was their first time meeting Olivia, and Grandpa hadn't seen Avery since she was one.

We took off for home about 1, with another stop to Coney Island! The girls slept in Nana's car to meet daddy, but when we switched cars, they were awake the rest of the way! It was great to see Daddy again, and it's great to be back at home! BUT...we sure do miss you Nana and Bapa!

Cool Slideshows


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