Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rejoice Rooster

From Christianbook.com:

"Let this rootin' tootin' rooster's colorful garb remind you of your joy in Jesus. Made of durable resin. Base reads "Rejoice in the Lord, for His blessings are great". Measures 15 inches tall."

Price: $14.99
I hope you're laughing, as PG and I are as well...Do you really need a 15 inch rooster sitting in your house to remind you of your joy in Jesus?


AmyMcG said...

Ha! I just saw this tonight in the CBD catalog. I laughed..then sighed...and said "How sad". Hope you are well!!

Jennifer said...

Are you serious!?!? We HAVE this rooster sitting on our mantel!!!! Don't make fun.

Jennifer said...

Kidding. I don't have that rooster. I don't even have a mantel.

Kim said...



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