Saturday, March 31, 2007

you'd think he'd notice...

PG and I were having a conversation tonight, and the topic of eye color came up. Would you believe that without looking at the girls, he didn't know what their eye color was? Does that prove the point that my husband doesn't seem to be home that much? Good grief.


Holly said...

I told Jon about this...he said, "Yea, that sounds like Gavin!" hehe

Gavin said...

Hey listen... It's not that I'm not home enough. It's that I'm a guy, and we don't tend to notice things that like...or like wedding rings on girls' fingers, or what we wore on our first date 10 years ago, or even what I ate for lunch yesterday. I'm a guy.

And tell Jon he's a jerk!... and that I love him.




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