She's an EATER!

7:16 PM

Ever since Liv has come along, we have been concerned that she would get the same allergies as Avery. It was recommended to us that we wait "as long as possible" for her to start on solids, just to help keep the allergies away. In the last couple of weeks, Liv has been very curious about everything we put into our mouth, and just has that kind of sad puppy dog look on her face when she sees us eating. So, we called the doctor today, and with her blessing, we tried Liv's first food...RICE CEREAL!

What are you lookin' at daddy? I'm eatin' here!

This cereal is kinda yummy, but I really wanna get my hands on that bowl!

Mommy said I did a pretty good job...I ate about 2/3 of my bowl!

Washin' it down! Whew...time to get cleaned up in my bath!


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