Thursday, March 29, 2007

Help me out!

I am having a blog lady come in and re do my site here in the next week or two (haven't told PG about that yet...he he he...I guess you know now, don't ya!). I like it the way it is, but would really like a "custom" site, one that is more me!

(OR, Aunt Becky or Jerry...if you want to do one for me, I'd be up for that too..I'd even throw in a couple bucks :)! I have all the ideas and colors, patterns, and stuff)

So, I might also change the name of my site name too. I am looking for new ideas, so if ANYTHING pops into your head in the coming days, please comment me!

Here are some new ideas I have
The Princess and the Sweet Pea
Punkin' Patch
Cute as a Button
2 Sweet Sisters
Girlies Galore
Little Darlings
Cutie Patooties
Giggle Bugs
The Princess Diaries (My mom's idea)


Carrie said...

my vote is for the first one

Kim said...

I am loving the ounkin' patch! I want a new one too but I dont know how to do it!


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