Friday, March 30, 2007

LOOK what Avery got last night!


Holly said...

WOW!!! Really sweet wheels! :) She'll be the coolest kid on the block.
Post some pics of her cruising!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! What a sweet ride!! I can imagine Avery Crusin' around on her new princess bike! That bike is so cool!! Hope all is well; always thinking about your family!
-Kasey G

Kim said...

Nice ride Avery! Ask her id she can pick me up and we will go to the Children's Museum and play! Og Livvie can come too we will just have to use a bike trailer. Sht just need some spinners! lol

Sue said...

Too funny - we just got Kayla a Dora bike. I have to upload the photos and post them later! It's for her 3rd birthday in August but we wanted her to be able to use it for more than 2 months.

I'll be she loves it!!!


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