Our Miracle

11:00 AM

A friend of mine has a son that just had surgery the other day on his ears. It reminded me of what we went through when Avery had surgery as well... She was 5 days old, and I think it was the hardest thing PG and I have ever went through. To give birth to this perfect little girl, and then to have your heart break at hearing that she will have to have surgery. She was so little, and so helpless. And, the part that stunk the most...we couldn't do anything for her. She was hooked up to all these wires with lights shining on her, and we couldn't do a thing! I remember feeling like she was not my baby. It felt like she belonged to the doctors...after all, they were the ones making all the decisions. When it was time for me to be discharged, not being able to take Avery home with us...man...it was heart-wrenching...

I sometimes wonder if this is why I am the kind of mother that I am. I'm WAY TOO overprotective, I tend to shelter them, and I don't let them out of my sight. Do you think that if Avery would have been "normal, healthy" that I wouldn't be the crazy-anxiety-obsessed-mother that I am? Who knows.
When Liv was born, we were pleasantly surprised that she was totally healthy. It was very odd being able to have our baby with us in our hospital room, and not have to go down 2 floors, have a pass, do a 3 minute scrub, and put on a gown to see our child.
Every day, when the task of being a mother seems to never end, and get old...I have to remind myself of what I went through to have these girls. (What we went through to get Liv will be for another blog entry...)
Oh to be a mother...a lady on Oprah once said "Motherhood is about finding the rest of your life inside of you and giving it to someone else" Isn't that the truth...

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