Sunday, March 11, 2007

Avery's Funnies...

"Diversity, diversity...that's what we have in common"

(Please be kind...can't believe I'm admitting this...)
Avery: Mom...those things you have on your sides are stretch marks."
Me: Yes, Avery. That's what happens when mommies have babies. Where did you hear about stretch marks?
Avery: From the Cocoa Butter commercial.
Me: Oh, what am I supposed to do for them to go away?
Avery: Just keep growing, and they'll just go away someday!

Avery: Mom, my corn is too cold!
Mom: Oh, I'm don't have to eat it then.
Avery: Well I think I like it cold. It's okay. Sometimes bad things happen
...a little bit later...
Avery: (cough cough) Oh corn is too cold. It's making me cough...OH NO...I'm allergic to cold now!

(Not funny...but sweet)
"God doesn't want us to tell stories that can hurt, he wants us to spread nice words" (awww...)

(After Liv was all wrapped up in a towel from bathtime)
"Livvie looks just like baby Jesus"


Amy said...


I took a look at your profile, and my goodness, we have a lot in, books, family, etc! I love your blog and you seem so fun! I will be back!

Your girls are precious! Do they like younger men?:)

Laura said...

Have enjoyed looking at your blog. I'm jealous of Avery's hair-can't wait till Ella gets some good curls!
Love her funnies! And Olivia's video of babbles was so precious!


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