10:24 PM

I just need to shout, as loud as I can, that this Dell laptop of mine is driving me CRAZY!!! You'd think that with "Karl" the computer dude coming over and spending 90 minutes tearing apart the innards of my computer, that it would work, right? Well, a normal computer would, but not my Bernice! My Dell guy Deepak called again today, and we spent an hour taking EVERYTHING off of my computer, and he re-installed my hardrive. So, that means nothing that was here on my computer is here now. I've had to transfer everything to my external hd. There are still some obvious bugs that are coming up with Bernice, and I am so frustrated. I just want a computer that works, is that too much to ask?

Dell....I got major beef with you...

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It's not just me, that thinks she's the BEST!!!

4:28 PM

(and a couple cute photos, just because I want to throw them in...)

This sweet little girl brought home an award on Friday from school. It seems her teacher nominated her for the "I set a good example" award! From the looks of it, one child from each class is chosen, and Avery was chosen!!! How awesome! Wish we could take credit for how well behaved and sweet she is, but that is just the way God made her...in spite of us! Below is the front and back of the award (with the school name blurred out, of course)

The only one not looking at the camera! ha ha! She looks so tiny, doesn't she?

We are SO proud of you Avery! Way to go!

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Gotta love a good trade!

3:49 PM

Shana, from Rustic Creations, contacted me a couple weeks ago about doing a blog for her. And, the best part? Instead of paying for my services, we did a fun "trade"! How cool is that! I have to say that I am so very impressed with Shana. Check out what she sent me this week!!!
2 matching black rustic frames for the girls photos.
I have to get updated photos (since these were taken by Mel-aka MckMama last February).

This is a "barnwood" sign that she made. It's massive, and oh so cool! The 2 black frames from above are going to be placed underneath the sign! Can't wait to see it all together!
And, a little surprise thrown in, 2 signs for the girls room!
These also aren't in the places they will be going, but I was just too antsy to share with you all!

If you're interested, here is Shana's contact info and blog site. She offers TONS of homemade rustic items, and would make wonderful Christmas presents!

blog site: http://www.handmaderusticcreations.blogspot.com/

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Pioneer Woman...my new BFF (if only she knew)

8:31 PM

My brother in law, Jon, sent me Photoshop CS2 today! I am over the moon!

I have been a fan of Pioneer Woman and her amazing photography skills.
My Photoshop Elements 5.0 wasn't compatible with her free "actions".
BUT, Photoshop CS2 is! Look at what I can do with just a click of the mouse...

My image, straight out of camera (or as my new BFF calls it, SOOC)

Now, look below at what can be done! How many hours of fun is this gonna be?

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before and after

1:08 PM

Our kitchen, when we began the re-model, last June.

Our kitchen, over a year later, when the remodel is (almost) over.

All credit goes to my husband for doing all the work.
Can you believe he did this treatment to our cupboards for only $180?
Yup, we remodle on a budget!

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Not Me Monday - 1st edition

9:32 PM

My good friend "Mel" (AKA MckMama) is hosting her first little meme. I just got off chat with her and told her my "not me" for this week, and she said it was post worthy...

Hope to make you giggle with this one, I know I sure did....

Oh, and please try to forget that I'm a Pastors wife, for just this one post.....please....

On Monday when I went to pick Avery up from school, she was showing me the alphabet mat where they sit for circle time. Each child in her class gets a letter to sit on. She is lately choosing to sit on letter "g". So, as she was telling me about her sitting spot, I DID NOT SAY, "oh honey, I love your little g spot..." NOPE, not me... (thank GOD no one heard me!) good grief.....

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12:19 PM

yup, I got issues.

issues with my Bernice...remember Bernice? She came to live with us last January...

Sure, she's been good to me. She's done what I have asked of her, but man oh man, have there been problems!!!

I've been in contact with Dell numerous times about her little mishaps. Last week I was transferred to the 'highest customer service center' and made a new friend, Deepak (whom I can't understand all that well). He is now my customer service guy. I have his email, and his phone number.

After 3 days of conversations with Deepak, he has finally decided (or has finally agreed with me) that my computer is full of issues.

He is sending someone to my house this next week to replace the whole hard-drive. Poor Bernice...I hope it doesn't hurt her too much, but man oh man....I am so glad she's getting fixed!

So, if I happen to be away next week, you'll know that I'm trying to get Bernice back to her true self...the beautiful lime green beauty that she should be...

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8:13 AM

Today is "red and black" day in our city! It's homecoming, and our high school is actually playing against hubby's old high school tonight!

I guess the whole town is dressed up today! Here is Avery in her little outfit for the day!

Speaking of Homecoming, did you know that my high school had the mascot of the "hilltoppers"? At the time I wasn't embarrassed at all by how odd of a mascot it was. But now that I look at it, seriously, what on earth is a stinkin' hilltopper? Here is our mascot...the old and NEW version!

These last 2 pics are for my mom to look at....pay no attention! ;) Have a great weekend!

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10:11 PM

With all the time that Liv and I have at home....just the two of us....we've been trying to find some activities to keep us busy while Avery is in school!

Monday was "meet the potty" day. She will be 2 in October, and I do not plan on potty training my spunky little thing anytime soon, but I thought, what the hay...it will give some fun to this Monday! So, out came the potty chair and out came "Once Upon A Potty" video! I tell ya, I can probably tell you most of the lines from that movie. I think I've seen it 15 times too many...

Here is Liv, with potty next to her, and watching the potty movie (while sitting on my bed, yes. don't worry, her diaper is on).

Gotta LOVE Prudence, the little girl who got a potty from her grandma...and the little girl who has a "little hole for making poo poo"...(anyone know that line?)
Liv did climb up on the potty, with her diaper on, and had a fun little sit of it. She had in her hand, of course, a pretend phone to call....hmm...probably Nana...

Tuesday was "please child, please don't make mommy hold and entertain you all day" day. Here is Liv sitting at her desk, next to mine, working on her bills, or so it seems. This lasted for about, 5 minutes, then it was time to climb on Mommy again!

And, what else do I do during the days, you ask? Well, just today I listened as what I thought was a human being thrown at my window, but it was just a bird. The darn things have been flying into our windows a lot lately. I tried to take a picture of the feathers on the window...can you see them? I also went outside to find the body, and yes, even take a photo but the bird wasn't there. Some strong bird I guess.

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