Monday, September 8, 2008

Liv language...

She's a tad slow on the talking side, but Avery was also. I have said that my kids are "fast walkers and slow talkers". This is especially true of Livvie. She wants to talk so badly, it just hasn't really clicked yet for her. Below are the words/sounds that she is saying now that we can understand!

Ya ya - Avery
gool- girl
go gool - good girl
bah - ball
bop - pop
nigh nigh - night night
num num-i'm hungry
vroom vroom - car
woof woof - puppies
neigh neigh - horse
baa baa - sheep
ooh ahh - monkey
bu buy - bye bye

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Jamie said...

It will come. I remember Justice's vocabulary exploding right after her 2nd b-day. But at 3.5, there are still things we don't understand. Luckily Jalyn is her Interpreter :)

As far as my dining table, it's a Shopko find (of course on sale), so it wasn't that expensive. I loved the idea of the higher chairs too. Something different.

Carrie said...

I'd say she's doing just fine! Sam only had five words at that age. It's funny that Liv's word for Avery is very similar to Julia's word for Sammy. Ya-Yeee is Sammy. Ya is Sam.

Sam serves as interpreter at our house too. :)

Sara said...

cute posts. first words are so precious. Maddie is 5 and she has a Boston accent to her lingo...kind of funny.

Heidi said...

I adore "baby talk". Some of the things they say are just so cute. I am always telling my older kids not to correct some of Rebecca's cute mangled words. I figure she will out grow them someday and in the mean time I want to enjoy them.

Liv is doing quite well compared to Rebecca. At 18 months, she still hadn't spoken her first word yet. We were using baby signing with her and the doctor had just referred her to the speech therapist when she started talking all of a sudden.


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