Friday, September 19, 2008


Today is "red and black" day in our city! It's homecoming, and our high school is actually playing against hubby's old high school tonight!

I guess the whole town is dressed up today! Here is Avery in her little outfit for the day!

Speaking of Homecoming, did you know that my high school had the mascot of the "hilltoppers"? At the time I wasn't embarrassed at all by how odd of a mascot it was. But now that I look at it, seriously, what on earth is a stinkin' hilltopper? Here is our mascot...the old and NEW version!

These last 2 pics are for my mom to look no attention! ;) Have a great weekend!

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Tricia said...

I dont know what was stranger..the fact that we had a "hilltopper" as a mascot..or the fact that in parades we had the poor jessie guy dress up as him and actually ride a unicycle. I wasnt embaressed either however when I explain to people what he was I just get very confused looks. I think the new one looks a little metro sexual for my taste..who wears pants that tight?

Becky :) said...

I love your new layout, it really makes fall so much more delightful.

I love when little towns get that into their high school football. I'm taking my son to our local high school football game tonight.

Jamie said...

I remember Andrea Baures crazy mom tried convicing us that Freddy was a Goat!!! She was completely serious, and had all these fact to back it up. We laughed at her, but who knows, maybe she was right :)

I just thought he was a mountain climber, like the little game on the Price is Right.

And think about our funny cheers:
H-IL-LT-OP-PERS, oh yes, we are, the Best!!! ha ha.

Sara said...

Funny. Try have the mascot be a "Pointer"....yah, that's fun. I was a good name when making up "cheers" though...lots rhymes with pointer.....LOL Haven't seen much of you. Hope all is well.

Ehlan said...

Hi-I just came across your blog from Alicia O and Gang--We have an Olivia Lynn too! She's 18 mos. old! Fun! :)

Leslie said...

Jennisa, It is funny that you were a hilltopper but listen to two of our local mascots. We are near the Pretzels and Polo is the Marcos. They are so funny. They sound so fierce.


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