Friday, September 12, 2008

Today is Avery's 10th day of Kindergarten. I tried to get a good photo, but this is the best one after about 5 or 6.

She LOVES school, LOVES going, and we couldn't be happier. We LOVE her teacher, LOVE her school, and are over the moon with how it's going.

She's had 2 "sad times" over these 10 days, where she has missed mommy and wanted to come home. Hopefully that will pass soon.

She did come home telling me something that I didn't like, which she learned from the girls in her class...

"Girls go to school to be more cool, boys go to Jupiter to get more stup*der"

(stup*d is a BAD word at our house, so as she was saying it, she said "upider")

Her teacher has also said what a joy it is to teach Avery, and that she is such a good reader! Things a mommy LOVES to hear! Way to go sweet Avery!

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Sara said...

Way to go Avery! yah, get ready for some "school" issues. I went to lunch with B last week and was shocked by a few students and their behaviors...I wanted to discipline them on the spot....oh my...I just couldn't hold back ALL the way...just couldn't. I've been emailing Ben's teaching almost daily.....I'm THAT mommy too.

Lilly said...

yeah "stupid" is a bad word! I was not really aware of this until I started working with kids and then they told me I shouldn't say that word, and they are right! I shouldn't!

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Let the fun begin. My biggest problem with the public school system has been the public. Last year my 3rd grader came home asking me what g*y meant, several swear words, and was harrassed for not wearing a bra. I live in suburbia and did not think I would be dealing with this quite so early. So, I am that mom also. I have asked certain students not be in a class room with my daughter and have e-mailed teachers very regularly making my opinion known. It's hard to hear your child saying something you wouldn't be talking about at your own home. It's hard to fight for what's right but fight we must. Hang in there and what wonderful comments from her teacher. Always fun to hear. :)

Jamie said...

Oh the joys of starting school. They are exposed to so many new things, not all of them good.

I went to both catholic school and public school myself, and kids at private schools are not immune. Unfortunetly, kids are kids, no matter where you go.

Good job Avery for being one of the GOOD kids.


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