8:15 AM

Today is Avery's 10th day of Kindergarten. I tried to get a good photo, but this is the best one after about 5 or 6.

She LOVES school, LOVES going, and we couldn't be happier. We LOVE her teacher, LOVE her school, and are over the moon with how it's going.

She's had 2 "sad times" over these 10 days, where she has missed mommy and wanted to come home. Hopefully that will pass soon.

She did come home telling me something that I didn't like, which she learned from the girls in her class...

"Girls go to school to be more cool, boys go to Jupiter to get more stup*der"

(stup*d is a BAD word at our house, so as she was saying it, she said "upider")

Her teacher has also said what a joy it is to teach Avery, and that she is such a good reader! Things a mommy LOVES to hear! Way to go sweet Avery!

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