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With all the time that Liv and I have at home....just the two of us....we've been trying to find some activities to keep us busy while Avery is in school!

Monday was "meet the potty" day. She will be 2 in October, and I do not plan on potty training my spunky little thing anytime soon, but I thought, what the hay...it will give some fun to this Monday! So, out came the potty chair and out came "Once Upon A Potty" video! I tell ya, I can probably tell you most of the lines from that movie. I think I've seen it 15 times too many...

Here is Liv, with potty next to her, and watching the potty movie (while sitting on my bed, yes. don't worry, her diaper is on).

Gotta LOVE Prudence, the little girl who got a potty from her grandma...and the little girl who has a "little hole for making poo poo"...(anyone know that line?)
Liv did climb up on the potty, with her diaper on, and had a fun little sit of it. She had in her hand, of course, a pretend phone to call....hmm...probably Nana...

Tuesday was "please child, please don't make mommy hold and entertain you all day" day. Here is Liv sitting at her desk, next to mine, working on her bills, or so it seems. This lasted for about, 5 minutes, then it was time to climb on Mommy again!

And, what else do I do during the days, you ask? Well, just today I listened as what I thought was a human being thrown at my window, but it was just a bird. The darn things have been flying into our windows a lot lately. I tried to take a picture of the feathers on the window...can you see them? I also went outside to find the body, and yes, even take a photo but the bird wasn't there. Some strong bird I guess.

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