Oh no she didn't....

11:05 PM

I wish I would have taken a picture. For a moment I was going to, but then I didn't want to disrupt the naked sleeping child.

We put Livvie to bed, fully clothed tonight. Daddy kissed, hugged, tucked in, and shut the door. She fussed a little bit, but she sometimes does that.

Fast forward 3 hours...I went in the girls' bedroom to check on them. I tucked Avery in, and then walked over to Liv. Sweet child of mine....she was naked!

She had thrown her pillow, diaper, pants and shirt on the floor, and there she was, laying face down, with her cute little bottom up in the air.

I had to do a double take! I laughed so hard, and then got Daddy to see what his little girl decided to do! His jaw was open wide, and we giggled at our little girl!

Luckily she didn't potty anywhere! Whew...that would have made the story much less 'cute'. I dressed her back up, and now she is back sleeping.

Silly, sweet Livvie girl!

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