Nana and Bapa's visit!

12:21 PM

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig came for a visit this weekend, and the girls were busy non stop! After school on Friday, the FUN began!

Taking a trip in the Barbie Jeep!

Livvie knows how to drive the jeep, and Bapa said that she drove it all the way to the neighbors driveway and back, with help, of course! She's nuts, I tell ya!

And, to prove to you all the point that my sweet Liv is a crazy little girl, here are 2 pictures that I (tried to) snap at dinner on Friday night.... She's moving ALL.THE.TIME!

Sunday after church, and after nap times, we went on over to Avery's school playground to PLAY!

They sure can be cute!!!

Liv LOVED to walk Mesa. She felt like such a big girl!

And here is Bapa and the dogs...pooped out from a long, FUN weekend!!!

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