She did it!

3:56 PM

"Mom, it was a great day!"

Does that look like a Kindergarten-er or what?

Avery, and Mrs. S!!!

How cute...she came home with a badge that says "I survived the first day of Kindergarten!"

She also came home with photos!!!

Can y'all say it with me...."ahhhh....."

She had a fabulous day. There were no tears at all. In fact, I was excited for her. The school made me feel so comfortable about her being there, that it really was pretty smooth sailing.

Avery was 'calendar helper' today, so that was a highlight.

I went over for lunch, and I tell ya what, that staff is like a well-oiled-machine. The safety precautions they take over allergies is crazy! They check lunch bags, read labels, and make sure that no one sitting by Avery (or her other peanut allergy friend). They couldn't be better, in my opinion!

I'm now off to snuggle with my super little kindergarten-er as she's "resting" on the couch! :)

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