Tuesday, August 26, 2008

before and after...

I've been frustrated with my photos lately. Did some researching and asking good ol Mel about some photoshop stuff, and going on over to Pioneer Woman. Got a few pointers on how to make them a little more pretty, so hopefully we'll be seeing some better photos of the girlies coming!!!

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Sara said...

Yah, I am on again. Too cute! Good to see ya....glad you found the snowsuit for Liv---it's adorable on her! Good thing you have such a great LOCAL shopping place eh? HEeeeeeeeeeee

The White House said...

Jennisa, Okay... I know you get paid for this sort of stuff, but since I am super broke (otherwise I would just hire you to do it and save the headache), can you help me with a little html code issue I have?

I have a minima template and I already made it three column, now I am trying to make it bigger. So I adjusted the outer-wrapper, main- wrapper and sidebar and newsidebar and the widgets, accordingly... but my right sidebar went away.

Is there anyway that you can just send me the numbers that you use for three column minima? or can you send me an example code? or can you direct me to a tutorial website that you use? (I have been using tips for new bloggers, but that is the one that I got stuck on with the no right sidebar issue.)

Okay, I know you are super busy... maybe I could pay you are consult fee? Thank you soooo much, it makes me super grumpy when it doesn't do what I want it to do!!!

Carrie said...

It's fun to find new tricks isn't it?

Looking forward to seeing the first day of school pics. Tomorrow's the big day right?
I remember LAST years first day of school pics, there were some with Daddy weren't there?

Kim said...

What were the pointers? Care to share?


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