Nana and Bapa's house

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We returned last night from a fun-filled 5 days at Nana and Bapa's house! We had such a nice relaxing time. Here is our weekend in pictures.....

Nana and Bapa bought the a fun tent to have at their house for when the girls come! They LOVED it!

This is how I found the girls after our first day at Nana and Bapa's house....too cute!

Saturday we went to the Fair! What a fun fun time! Liv is OBSESSED with horses right now. She can't say "horse", but she can "neigh"....boy can she "neigh"... She was so excited to see a horse in person, and...she got to ride on it!!!

Avery decided to get in on the action as well! Can't just let Livvie have all the fun!

Next, the rides! Oh how fun! Avery was a little reluctant at first, but once she started, she didn't want to stop!

I was so laid back that day, that I also let Livvie go on some rides too! She LOVED it too!

I went on the helicopter ride with them. Oh joy.... Avery LOVED the dragon roller coaster!

I can't believe she wanted to go on it, but she had such a fun time! Look at her face!

Sunday morning brought church. It was nice to go to a different church, and hubby actually got to sit with me! It's nice that he can have some Sundays off to enjoy other churches as well. Don't the girls look super cute in their Target dresses? I LOVE Target!

Sunday night we went to Storybook Land with Aunt Rachelle and Uncle DJ. The girls had lots of fun sliding down the Jack and Jill slide!

...and the hickory dickory dock slide!

Liv was a little scared of the horse this night, but here she is looking at him, and "neighing".

Had to play a little more before we left!

And, for the grand finale of the trip....GO CARTS! I couldn't believe Avery wanted to go riding with Daddy! I agreed, and went too. When we started out, I thought Daddy would begin a little slow, but nope....he went out full force, and Avery LOVED every minute of it!

Rachelle, Liv, and Uncle DJ took photos and cheered us on!

Thank you Nana and Bapa for such a fun time! We LOVE you!

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