Friday, August 22, 2008

next Thursday...

My sweet Avery will begin Kindergarten next Thursday...

I have so many thoughts about how I feel. Jumbled up thoughts.

Her teacher called me tonight, out of the blue. I smiled. It was so nice of her take the time to ask about Avery's allergies, and what she can do to make Avery's year go smoothly. She has had allergy children before. Eases my mind a lot.

It's crazy for me to put the health of my daughter in the hand of strangers....strangers that also have to look after many other children too.

Avery has another student in her class that also has a peanut allergy.

Her class is going to have a "hand washing rule" after lunch time...this is awesome since Avery is contact reactive (if a drop of milk lands on her, her skin will react).

Her teacher also wants Avery to have her own water bottle at school instead of getting drinks out of the faucet because of the allergies. This made me smile. To know that her teacher suggested this, and not me, makes me feel comfortable.

So, not only am I sending my first-born to Kindergarten, and dealing with the sadness, excitement of that, but I'm also sending my first-born child with allergy issues to Kindergarten, and also dealing with the nervousness and anxiety of that.

Jumbled up thoughts from a nervous mother....

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Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya. My son has type 1 diabetes. He has to keep his blood sugars within a certain range or really bad things can happen.I worry about him from the moment he steps out the door until he comes back home. When your child has a medical issue it makes "back to school" even harder.Good luck and please know there are more "worried moms" out there right along with you.

McMommy said...

Perfectly justified thoughts from a nervous mom is what I'd say!

What a sweet teacher to call you. And great suggestions she made.

I hope you BOTH have a good first day of school next week!!

Carol said...

She sounds like a wonderful teacher.

I bet Avery will love being in her class.

Jeremy & Jeni said...

I'll be praying for both of you next week! It is a big adjustment all around.

Her teacher sounds great!!


heatherc11 said...

You seem like a great mom! My nineteen month old son is allergic to Soy, Peanuts, Eggs, Wheat and Dairy and I have trouble leaving him anywhere! Anyway, I started and I thought you might be interested in the allergen free recipes that we have.

Becky :) said...

What an awesome teacher. My son's teacher in kindergarten did the same thing. She met us somewhere so she could get to know him better on a one on one basis. It means so much when the teachers reach out like that. It sounds like Avery is in really good hands. It's still hard to let go but at least she is being taken care of.
By the way, I gave you an award on my blog. :-)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

It is scary to leave them. Both my girls have nut allergies and Mondays are peanut butter sandwich day for an alternative to hot lunch. It's hard to not be there to protect them and your feelings are justified. I pray for peace for you over this and that Avery will love every minute of school.


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