overwhelmed...just a tad

6:43 PM

Avery had Kindergarten registration and school pictures today.

To say that it was like entering a foreign land that I had never been to would describe it quite well

People everywhere, tables for signing up for this and that, signs to read, and did I mention, oodles of forms to fill out?

Did you know that 5th graders get to wear lipstick and eyeshadow for picture day? I sure didn't!

I got the "Parent handbook", got talked into joining the PTA (gol, I'm a mom) and mingled with a couple 4th grade boys...

Avery smiled pretty for her pictures. Her hair was in curls, and the picture lady said she looked like Shirley Temple...can't tell you how many times I've heard that.

The good part, was that we got to go into Avery's classroom. Oh, it was so welcoming. She is going to just love it, I know.

There are all these little colored tables, play kitchen, and all the things you would imagine. The walls were covered with signs and charts.

Avery liked it so much that were only able to look for a couple minutes until we had to visit the bathrooms. Oh, and the bathrooms.....there are little paw prints from her room to the bathroom (a path she'll travel, oh, probably 10 times a day). The faucets, soap, and paper towels are all automatic...so cool!

I have a meeting next week with the Food service lady for the district as well as for the school. We're going to tackle how I'm going to go about feeding my child with allergies and food anxiety while she's at school. Should be pretty interesting....my child is so high maintenance! :)

There will also be a meeting with her teacher, the nurse, and all of her teachers to discuss her allergies and safety while at school. Not to mention, to hand out the epi-pens and allergy stuff for them to have on hand.

Today was an overwhelming day of preparing me for this new reality I'm having. My baby is going to be at school from 8-3 every day of the week. I can't believe I'm doing it. She's ready, she's excited, and I am too, I guess...

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