Saturday, September 20, 2008


yup, I got issues.

issues with my Bernice...remember Bernice? She came to live with us last January...

Sure, she's been good to me. She's done what I have asked of her, but man oh man, have there been problems!!!

I've been in contact with Dell numerous times about her little mishaps. Last week I was transferred to the 'highest customer service center' and made a new friend, Deepak (whom I can't understand all that well). He is now my customer service guy. I have his email, and his phone number.

After 3 days of conversations with Deepak, he has finally decided (or has finally agreed with me) that my computer is full of issues.

He is sending someone to my house this next week to replace the whole hard-drive. Poor Bernice...I hope it doesn't hurt her too much, but man oh man....I am so glad she's getting fixed!

So, if I happen to be away next week, you'll know that I'm trying to get Bernice back to her true self...the beautiful lime green beauty that she should be...

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Darby said...

Does it have Windows Vista? I bought a Dell last summer and it had Vista and I sent it back for a FULL refund because I just couldn't take it.. and it wasn't compatable with my mouse, printer or sewing software! I love the MUSIC! :) Hope you and your precious little fam are having a great weekend

Tricia said...

Just a note when you are downloading any brushes, styles or actions for photoshop and saving graphic files, that are large it takes up alot of room. You many want to look at getting a back up hard drive (I have the hp book thingy, but I save all my files to that weekly that way If i have a problem I never loose anything..cause I get issues all the time. Plus photoshop files tend to take up tons of room.

Sara said...

When reading about this, all I can say is: there is a reason why I am so NOT into always frustrates way or the other....hang in there. Have fun. Other posts are cute BTW.


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