Finn's Birth Day

5:02 PM

We woke up early on Tuesday morning, 11-12-13 :)  

We needed to be at the hospital at 9:30 to check in!  We packed up ourselves, all our stuff, and headed out with the girls by 8:15!  I believe we listened to Duck Dynasty Christmas CD on the way.

Daddy dropped the girls and I off at the doors, and went to park!  The girls and I got all registered, and taken up to our room.  Poor daddy spent around 30 minutes looking for a parking spot....not a great start to the day :(  

Nana Dianne, Bapa Craig, and our friend/photographer Kristen showed up around 10:30 ish!  It was all becoming a reality now!  Daddy got all dressed in his scrubs, I was all prepped, and we were just waiting for the go ahead to head back to the OR.

Last photo as a family of FOUR!

Big baby belly!  So anxious to meet our sweet baby!

This was taken before they took me back!  We went to the OR at about 12:15ish.

Baby was monitored and had a great heart rate.  I only had ONE contraction the whole time I was hooked up!  Very obvious he wanted to stay put :)

On the way to the OR.  Feeling nervous, excited, and that I'm living someone else's life :)

The operating room was full of ladies when I got in....that made me much more comfortable.  They began getting the room ready, talked me through what was going to happen, and then the Anesthesia guy came in to get things going.  Nothing about the spinal hurt....I remember feeling that I couldn't believe that this was happening at this moment, and that within a little bit of time, we were going to have a baby!

Our Dr. was so kind to arrange for us to be able to watch the surgery...well, for ME to watch it.  They had a video above so I could watch what was going on.  After the baby came, it switched over to where he was getting worked on....

After the spinal took effect, and after they tested me to see if I could feel anything, they told Daddy it was his turn to come in!  Right when he sat down, the first cut began!

12:43.....we saw an ear emerging, so that was the first part of our baby that we saw.  Daddy turned to look at the screen as they pulled him out!  The cord was around his neck once, but he looked great!

He had BLONDE hair!  We were so shocked!

His apgars were 7 and 8....he was pretty gurgily, and had to cough and cry a bit to get going.  

There is the screen that I was able to watch it all happen on!  And, there is daddy, videotaping his SON!

This is the moment where I fell in love again....with this sweet sweet boy that we named Finn :)

Pure bliss....I had been praying for weeks that I would feel the immediate bond with him once I saw him, and the Lord answered my prayers....I was smitten from the beginning!

What an incredible gift we had been given!

Dr Boyle and Finn

After the surgery, they wheeled me into the recovery room.  We could have 2 visitors at a time!  At first, Nana Dianne and Kristen came in and joined daddy and I and Finn.  Lots of pictures were taken, and oohs and ahhs!  The girls came in next, and then Bapa Craig as well.

I will never forget when they put Finn on my chest for the first time, and he lifted up his neck and head, and turned to the other side.....what a strong little boy!  He also had lots of kisses for mommy....LOVE!!!

Finn weighed in at 7 lbs 11 ounces.....(Olivia is 7 and Avery is 11 :)  He was 19 inches long.

Dr Clem checking him out!

more to come!

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