Texas Trip Day 8 (Thursday)

11:43 AM

Wednesday night, the kiddos had to get in one more swim before we left!

Finn would do this every night....put a boy in a room with things he can jump on, and, well...he did just that...over and over and over!

Thursday morning...the day we had to check out and leave Texas :(  On the way to the airport, Mr Finn was pooped!!!

Avery and I were in the back of Mrs May's car, while Liv got the front seat all the time....silly motion sickness ;)

Goodbyes stink...a lot.  They stink a lot more in Texas heat, in the sun, too :(

If you are blessed to know these 2, you are fortunate.  Words can never express to them our thankfulness for this trip.....

With tears in our eyes, we said goodbye, and off to get on our bus to the terminal...

We breezed through security, and ended up entering the terminal right at our gate!

We had about 30 minutes before boarding.  Poor Liv was begging us to cancel the flight.  Her tummy and anxiety was over the top.  Tears, and more tears, and we finally were able to get her to take her medicine and calm down a tad...

Daddy got to sit with Finn this time, as mommy was with Liv (and Avery chose to be with a stranger over sitting with Liv)

Liv never did get sick, and was able to begin to calm down and maybe even enjoy part of the flight.

Finn loved it, and I think Daddy was ready to be done already!  Ha!

Mrs Colgrove met us at the airport, and off we went back home.  Our reunion with Winnie was sweet, and we missed her every bit as much as she missed us!!!

Forever thankful for this trip....

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