We're such "religious"people...

10:43 PM

**this post is NOT indented to be judgemental or preachy to any of my bloggie friends, okay?
I know our personal views are unique and not the 'norm'**

I have a confession to make. Our family is unlike a lot of other families. PG and I decided years ago, that we wanted to be IN and not OF this world in a couple of holidays for our children.

First of all, we don't celebrate Halloween. I know...we're such bummers, aren't we? What's up with us? What weirdos, right? Well, Halloween has strong roots in evil. It is a holiday that glorifies the dark things of this world, rather than bring glory to Jesus Christ. Simple as that...it doesn't glorify God, so why do it?

Second, we don't participate in Santa Claus stuff. For one, we don't celebrate him because I just don't want to lie to my kids. Why would I want to tell them stories about Santa and that he brings them presents, and it not be true? Again, I know...where's the fun? We're taking all the fun stuff out of our kids lives, right? We still buy presents and decorate and all that. But, we teach our children that we give gifts on Christmas, because we're celebrating the greatest gift that God gave to us...Jesus...

I must be crazy, but silly me thinks there is so much more joy found in celebrating the birth of Christ, God's ultimate display of love to us, than to talk about some silly old man with elves.

So, I finally confessed how WEIRD and CHRISTIAN I actually am! Shame on me, right?

Hope you bloggie friends of mine still like me.....I still like all of you!

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