Saturday, September 22, 2007

A day off?

I think I'm going to love today...I don't have to go into work, I don't have to shower early to go pick up Avery from school...I'm just being a lazy slouch...and I LOVE IT! I'm hoping to take some cat naps today with miss crabby Livvie, and maybe even get in some cuddle time with Avery too!

Hope you all have a restful Saturday!

Oh, and pray for my friend Jennifer. She has a kidney infection, while being 35 weeks pregnant, and just needs to be lifted up and surrounded in prayer. (Jennifer, if you want to read about my kidney infection, go here)


Carrie said...

I hear ya on a day off my friend! Today is also our "day off". No cleaning, no messing up the kids routine for an open house....I hope you have a wonderful, restful day!

It sure was scary to hear that Jennifer was on her way to the hospital. It's sweet of you to include her in your post today. :)

Dena said...

Dude - EVERYONE needs a day off - I didn't get off my couch yesterday AT ALL! It was kind of nice! I hope you enjoyed it!


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