That's my girl!

9:29 PM

It reads: "For a great 1st week of school!"
Avery is still LOVING school. She goes to bed earlier, obeys more, and is just down right a good kiddo right now. She is doing such a great job in school, and we are so happy that she loves to go. I can only imagine how hard it would be to drop off a screaming/crying child! I am doing really well with it also. The key is Daddy dropping her off. I think walking away from her would be a hard reality for me, so he gets to take that job. Livvie and I get to pick her up with fun hugs, so it's not at all depressing!
Tonight, Avery and I went to Walmart. She loves to go down the plastic flower aisle. She picked out a baby blue hydrangea flower to give to Mrs. P sweet! What teacher wouldn't love a fake long stemmed flower that you don't know what to do with? :)
OH, I almost Livvie has her 2nd cold! Of course, I look to see where it came from! It's either from having her around 2 other kiddos for 30 minutes on Sunday morning, OR it's from the wind blowing on her the last couple of days as we went to get Avery. Whatever it is, I STILL hate it! Lots of snot around our house!

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