Back from our FUN weekend!

5:34 PM

Nana and Bapa (and Sophie) got here late Thursday night, and we were SO hyper and excited when they arrived! Friday, we had to experience Nana and Bapa to the world of High School Musical, so they got to watch both of the movies with Avery! Here they are during one of the movies! Notice, Avery is wearing her HSM2 shirt! :)

Livvie enjoyed having her grandparents here. She loved it when they took her on walks, and really enjoyed when Bapa would take her outside and let her walk on the grass. Heck, she even enjoyed Sophie, and especially playing with her leash!
We ate at Z'Kota Grille almost every meal. Because of Avery's limited diet, it's one of the only places in our town that serves hot dogs and french fries. I am SICK of Z'kota, and glad I won't be going back there........ till Wednesday, when I will be taking Avery for her first day of school lunch (courtesy of Nana and Bapa, of course)...
After church today, and after we ate at Z'kota again, Nana took Avery to Walmart to get her a "surprise". Avery had just gotten a new bed earlier this week, and so Nana took her to pick out a new pillow case and blanket! We all thought she would pick out the High School Musical stuff, but nope...she's still just a little girl at heart. She picked out The Little Mermaid...Thanks Nana!
The blanket is really so soft and cuddly! I think I'll have to steal a few naps with it myself! :)
Avery likes to take pictures with our camera, and here is one she took of Sophie, Nana, and Livvie today! She did a great job, I think!

So, thanks for visiting Nana and Bapa! I know there are no photos of Daddy (or I), but he had to work a lot, and I was busy taking the pictures! :)

Hope you all had a fant-abulous weekend!

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