10 things that make me smile

4:33 PM

Thanks for the tag, Dena!

1. Naps...sleeping....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
2. Taking trips to BIG TOWN ALONE and not having a certain time I have to be back. It's my little taste of freedom!
3. Guad restaurant. I love me some steak fajitas!
4. Snuggling with my Avery and Livvie. They both make me smile many times throughout the day! Even though it's been a rough road here lately, I am so blessed to be called their mommy!
5. Digital Scrap booking...I haven't done it FOREVER, but I do like to do it very much. I just don't seem to be able to sit down and get anything accomplished anymore!
6. When my husband washes the bottles and n*pples, or helps clean.
7. My hubby! Funny story from today... at 1:00, he sits down for lunch, and makes a "huh" face, while he's looking at his arm. It appears as if one of my nursing pads made it's home in his shirt...for most of the day...I laughed A LOT! Can you imagine, PG at church, talking seriously about theology with someone, and saying, 'excuse me, and pulling out a nursing pad? Cracks me up! Good thing he came home to find it!
8. When I actually DON'T have a headache, which is rare...
9. My bloggie buddies. I really enjoy the new ladies I've met in bloggie land, and I love reading about their lives!
10. Mail...I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting mail! I also like email, but something about it being in my mailbox makes me happy!
11. I had to add a #11, because I just couldn't leave this one out...I love TV! And, like Dena said, it's premiere week and I am very excited to see some new shows! Hey...what's a girl to do when she's been playing ALL DAY LONG, and her hubby doesn't get home till late?

Ohhh....one more! When my mom and dad come and visit...I LOVE that too!

I tag...hmmm......Leslie, Christy, and Ashley

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