We did it!

5:08 PM

It was an early morning here at our house. I went in to wake up Avery, and she was already a tad awake. Here is the Pre-Kindergarten-er, in all her glory! (she is so tired and excited that she can't even spit her words out...soooo funny)

I have to admit, it was a mad dash to get everything done before we walked out the door. She did manage to have some breakfast, but I did forget her vitamins and to brush her teeth. oops

Here's my precious Avery...

Daddy's girls...keep in mind that I didn't have time to shower, so I'm a little grungy!

Pulling out of the driveway...

Does she look excited to you? Um, yeah!

Here she is in front of her cubby where she keeps her school supplies and her backpack. I really didn't want to let her go here. After daddy took this, the tears started flowing...
This is what I saw as I kissed her goodbye...she walked off to read a book.
It was very emotional for me. I knew that I would be, but it was a tad harder than I thought. I don't know if it's just because of the fact that she's not usually out of my sight unless I'm working, or if it's because of the allergies, or what. All I know, was that I kept looking the clock, waiting for 11:10 to come when we could go and get her.
We picked her up, and she was outside with her class swinging. She ran up to me, and I couldn't get enough of her. I was just squeezing her up. (The teacher probably thinks I'm a nut)
After school, we went out to lunch at Z'kota (thanks Nana and Bapa). She told us all about school, her friends, and what she did. She said "School was so fun. Remember Mom, I get to go everyday." She even said to us, "Um, tomorrow...can we get there a little early? I don't want to miss anything." How sweet... (um NO...you can't go early! I need you with me until the last second! :))
Thank you God that I have another little girl to keep me occupied during those 3 hours each day, or I don't know what I'd do with myself. I'm sure it will get easier everyday. Her excitement about it just makes us so darn happy.

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