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I seem to not have a lot of time to blog these days....crazy busy with work stuff, and crazy busy with mommy stuff! It seems the girls (Livvie, at least) want to be eating all day long. And, when they're not eating, they (Livvie) are into trouble somehow or another. I'm SUPER lucky that I get to stay home with the girls, as there is no other outside job that I would choose to do, but man oh man....it sure makes for long days!
Anyhow, here are a couple pictures I was able to get in the past couple of days...
Livvie was sharing a chocolate chip cookie with me....she's just like her mama....LOVES chocolate!
And, the little girl has FINALLY gotten more teeth! The top 2 are coming in. Not too pretty yet, but they are here! She is enjoying making new chomping sounds with her 2 new friends!
And, Avery got this super neato game from Aunt Holly and Uncle Jon for Christmas. It's called Eye Toy, and it's for Playstation 2. It has a camera, and you get to be on the screen and act out the games instead of using a controller. Here, Avery is playing "Mr. Chef". She's trying to grate the cheese faster then him here....(see her on the screen?)
...and here she's trying to chop a pickle!
A fun game, for sure!
And MOM...guess what...my house is STILL clean, can you believe it?

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