10 weeks later...

10:54 PM

let's just say this...i'm NOT a patient person. i'd like to say that i'm working on it, but let's be honest...not gonna happen...

we moved into our house 10 weeks ago today. at that point, we were told to expect the landscaping, sprinklers, and sod to go in before the end of May.

now, fair enough...the weather around here has been cruddy. rainy and unpredictable. so, it's not all the sod-landscapers fault. but really...10 weeks?

anyhow, the sod came today, and i was so deliriously happy. couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

so, these photos probably are just blah blah blah to most of you, but to us, and to those who know how impatiently i've been waiting for this sod, you will appreciate it.

the girls (sitting on Grandpa Glenn's bench) watching the men working...

it was so super neat to watch. unbelievable that we had to wait 1o weeks for 2 hours worth of work! it goes so fast!

ahhhh.....looks kind of choppy right now, but in a few weeks, check back, and i'm sure it will look just fabulous!

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