another storm...

9:31 PM

so, i went to walmart tonight, and as i was pulling up, i saw this huge cloud (photo from our friend, Scott)

never seen something like that before. was like from Independence Day or something.

fast forward about 10 minutes, after I got all the frozen stuff in my cart.

Walmart lady runs in my aisle..."We're under a code black...tornado warning. Go to the back of the store now!"

So, off I go to the back of the store, along with about 100 other people. not fun...

did i mention that i forgot my cell phone? i had to call home 3 different times, and thankfully there are kind people that lent me their phones!

15 minutes later, we were cleared, and i zipped home. if my girls were with me, i would have never driven through what i drove through, but oh well...i wanted to be home.

shortly after i got home, it started hailing and all that fun stuff.

when the rain stopped, the neighborhood went outside and looked at the flooding.

it has all drained now, thankfully. i hope this does not happen each time there is a storm like this...

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