Sunday, November 9, 2014

Finn's room, talent show

We got the girls moved to their room!  Now we're just busy figuring out what goes where! :)

It was another busy weekend/week around here!  Now that the girls moved to their new room, it was time to transform their old room into Finn's new room! :)

For a couple of days, we would just go in and play in there, so he got comfortable being in there! 

And, here it is!  Not sure why it looks so lime in this pic, but it's just a plain green :)  He spent his first night in there on Tuesday!

I was looking forward to having another room for him that would be a "safe" place....not so much...this kid is into everything!

Avery took part in our city's talent show on Thursday night!  She sang "Maybe" from Annie, and did a wonderful job, even with a cough/cold!!!

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