Christmas Day

10:01 PM

Christmas Day was an early one for us.  Mommy woke up next to Finn, who had wet the bed.  This was at 7 am.  I kind of laughed, and was determined to not let it get me in a mood :)

We got the cinnamon rolls baking, and everyone else slowly woke up!  After breakfast, the kiddos dug into the remaining presents!

Avery and Daddy are going to go to Audra McDonald in concert soon!  This was a big gift for her!

They also were pretty excited to continue on their Infinity playing with 2.0!

typical..... :)

Daddy and Avery had a game of JENGA going on....Daddy assures me that he won :)

Daddy, Finn and I were invited to "A Christmas Show with A & O".  It was a great little concert put on by our favorite girls!

As soon as Finn figured out that he could climb off of the couch, he wanted in on the piano action!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Later, we watched Home Alone, made cookies, and a yummy chicken and biscuit supper!

A wonderful Christmas for us!  

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