New Year!

11:04 PM

I have been working on a teepee for Finn's room for a couple days.  It didn't turn out perfectly, by any means, but it'll do!

The girls both had eye appointments on Monday, and they both need new lenses! 

I have thought that Liv's frames were a bit too dark and big, so I was able to talk her into a new pair ;)
 Barbie Girl's Love Eyeglass Frames

Nana and Bapa arrived at our house on New Years Eve!  We had a nice supper, had our Christmas, and celebrated a bit! :)  Poor Finn was sleeping for all the fun ;(

Nana Dianne took the girls to "Into the Woods" today, and Bapa stayed back and had some quality time with Finn.  His take on Finn:  "he's such a Momma's boy" :)  Yup, he sure is!!!

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