Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fun , busy weekend!

Olivia made Nana Judy's cookies MOSTLY by herself!  Mommy had to help with measuring and some details, but she did SOOOO much of it on her own!!!  They were very yummy!

Finn helped sweep :)

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig came out for our Christmas with them! :) 

Lots of fun gifts for them! 

Finn got this fun hat from Josh and Ellie! 

 Nana and Bapa even got a few little things....Avery even gave Bapa some toilet paper (of which he left behind ;)

Nana and Avery playing a fun new game!

Bapa doing what Bapa does best :)

This kiddo needs a haircut!

And, this is why I tell Olivia that she cannot put makeup on. 

Mommy and Daddy had a super busy weekend, so it was so nice for Nana and Bapa to be here to help watch the kiddos.  We had a funeral, and then wedding rehearsal and a wedding on Saturday.  I was the personal attendant, and this is the only pic I took!  oops!!!

Mr Finn looking dapper for Sunday morning!!!

After our crazy busy weekend, Finn took a nice 3 hour nap with me today!  So thankful for that!

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