Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Doesn't he just look like he's 2 here?

I love randomly finding pictures of Finn and Avery on my phone!  Avery is such a great helper these days, and usually has "Finn time" for about an hour a day (while mommy gets in some zzzzzz's)

The girls do actually get along sometimes.....this was one of those times...

Mr Finn is very interested in belly buttons....his and yours!  He often can be found lifting up his shirt to greet you!  He then will try to get you to put a toy or some random object under his shirt. :)

Olivia had to make a habitat shoebox diorama for school.  She chose the rainforest, and we had quite the project on our hands!  Grateful these only come along every so often!

This picture made me realize he needed a hair cut of some sort!

So, off we went!  He had his first sucker, and was so behaved throughout the whole thing!

He and I were a sticky slobbery mess afterwards!

He wouldn't pose for me, but here is the best I did for an "after" picture! :)

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