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Saturday was a DAY OFF for our family!  What a wonderful sight to see these beautiful deer outside our yard!  Shortly after this picture, chaos ensued :)  I got some carrots and stood out on the deck and threw them towards the deer.  Little did I know, but Winnie jetted out behind me after the carrots, and then Finn also saw his opening and fell in the snow on the deck :)  Some panic, tears, and a nice warm bath, and we were good to go....whew!

A family from church gifted us with an overnight at a waterpark hotel!!!  We took off Sunday afternoon, and off we went!  

The boys fell asleep, and us girls partied on the pullout couch for awhile :)

The water was a little cold for Finn, but he did his best at enjoying it!

He mostly wanted to be by himself (without momma holding his hand), walking around :)

The ball did keep him entertained for a bit!

My kiddos (and a very badly edited picture :) 

We had some time to kill, so we went to the mall!  Finn's first ride on a horse!!!

Little Mr had his 1 year eye appointment to check up on his lazy eyelid, and all is still going well!  

What a difference 6 months can make!  This was in June!

We're home, re-united with Winnie, and so grateful for a wonderful church family who gifts us with wonderful get-aways!

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