Christmas Adam and Christmas Eve

11:03 PM

We have been enjoying being so very much.  Lots of relaxing, pj's, playing, and just doing a whole lot of nothing....

Finn has discovered his love for wrapping paper.  He thinks it's the best thing to carry this around!

These 2 have been getting along pretty well so far...let's hope that continues :)

We opened up a gift each from Daddy's parents last night!  Finn loves his new book with animals and sounds!!!

Unfortunately, mommy shared her cold with Finn, so today he hasn't been feeling the greatest.  But, he sure cleans up nice! :)  All ready for Christmas Eve Service!

Our 3 mini's

After church, we went to our friends house and had some fun food and fellowship!  The girls let us know it was time to go home around 9:30, so they could open up a few gifts :)

The kids are all cozied up in their Christmas jammies, and ready for another fun day of Christmas!

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