10:31 PM

2 days away...how crazy is that? Our household (Mommy) is busy busy busy getting all things organized and packed for baby day! It is so nice having a repeat c-section, because then we are able to plan everything out, which is nice with Avery. We are lucky enough that my mother is coming to stay at the hotel across the street to take care of her while we are in the hospital, so that is very comforting. I still have yet to spend a night away from Avery since she was born, so this will be emotional for me I think...not to mention everything else that will be going on! At least she'll be in town! I'm really nervous that we are going to be surprised and that this will be a boy instead of a girl...it's a thought that stays in my head all day! I'm not at all worried about the surgery, or the recovery, so that's good I guess...Just can't wait to hold you in our arms baby Olivia!

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