9:31 PM

WOW! Finally I have some time to sit and write! The last week has been great, and we are so in love with our little girl Olivia. Avery has enjoyed it just as much, so far with no jealousy. Olivia is such a good baby. I think I can count on one hand how many times I've heard her cry. She sleeps all the time, and has been adjusting to our family schedule great! She naps with Avery and I every afternoon, and only gets up to eat twice a night. So far, so good! She changes so much each day, and I don't think she looks the same as she did when she was born. Looking at Avery's pictures, their newborn noses are the same, but everything else we're not sure of yet. The general thought is that she looks like Daddy. We look forward to continue watching her grow!

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