9:33 PM

Today was Olivia's 1 month appointment...She is 10 lbs! What a chunk! I guess we're doing something right. She's at the 75th % for her weight, and 50th % for height and head. So, she's growing, and no longer a little "peanut" anymore. She is smiling a lot more these days, and also making more cooing noises to let us know she is a happy girl. Avery is still doing well. She decorated her own little tree at our house this year, and is very excited for the Christmas season. She especially likes to touch all of mommy's "breakable" decorations! All in all, we're doing well, and starting to either catch up on sleep, or get used to not having as much sleep. Olivia is only waking up once at night, so that makes it a little easier.

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